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WorldPosta has recently launched MyCloud as a cloud hosting solution that boasts of a pool of resources approach. Simply said, it combines the advantages of on-premises data center and cloud virtualized data centers.

The pool of resources is a modern approach of cloud computing that enables businesses to have a combination of powerful infrastructure on the cloud, which perfectly suits the SAP HANA system. Its solution gives the users the capability to scale the resources up or down via a brilliant, clear portal.

Hosting SAP on Pool of Resources

Unlike cloud/SAP hosting providers that offer pre-designated VMs, you get the pool of resources you need to build VMs yourself. You can also calculate the resources and compare the prices with other elite competitors.

With this new solution, businesses can fully control these resources by building up virtual machines that suit SAP HANA architecture. You can also deploy the operating system (OS) that perfectly suits your provisions and SAP workloads. Via the MyCloud portal, you will be able to combine your resources, build virtual data centers and virtual machines, and manage and interconnect them all.

WorldPosta utilizes the capabilities of the latest premier technologies powered by VMware hypervisor as they are certified by SAP for SAP HANA production environments.

Enterprises can use just the resources they need, neither more or less. MyCloud is easily scalable and elastic to adjust and tailor the resources of the VMs and reallocate them whenever needed. It also allows for testing the environment to custom-make the resources based on proven performance.

Hosting SAP HANA on MyCloud

MyCloud offers features and solutions that help leverage the capabilities of SAP HANA DB and App to deliver data-driven, real-time analytics:

  • Unlimited VMs on the same pool of resources.
  • More than 99.9% SLA uptime.
  • Geographically distributed data centers to guarantee the highest performance.
  • Strict security measures.
  • Various backup services.
  • Latest technologies.
  • Consultation services.
  • 24/7 technical support.


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