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Wavemaker has a newly launched media planning platform Maximize that allows you to optimize media investments and reach multiple audiences by creating media plans in minutes.

The key feature of the planner is that it does not focus on the audience segment but rather on industry wise vision of planning against the individuals.

This allows you to focus at the granular customer level, along with the power to explore multiple audiences and assess the best media partners across many attributes. Therefore, it creates an optimized campaign across channels and markets, saving a great deal of time.

Driven by machine learning and AI, the platform analyzes and ingests data from local and global sources including Wavemaker’s own Momentum data and GroupM’s LivePanel, and client first-party data.

It is a  part of Wavemaker’s global Provocative Planning system, that fuses human intelligence and machine learning into the modular system.

Toby Jenner, global chief executive officer of Wavemaker, said, “Maximize addresses one of the industry’s longest-standing frustrations – that all media plans look the same. Pre-loaded with strong data sources and packed with AI, Maximize produces media plans at incredible speed and has the brainpower to create market-beating growth plans for our clients. It is already delivering results, producing media plans that are on average 30 percent more effective for clients and in pitches.”

Stephan Bruneau, global head of product, Wavemaker, added, “Creating media plans has become challenging due to the increased number of audience segments that need to be included in a campaign. Some can overlap significantly, with people belonging to multiple audience segments at risk of being ‘overexposed’ to ads and creating an unnecessary waste of money for clients. Maximize uses techniques and technology rarely used in the marketing industry and is effectively the only way to solve the audience fragmentation problem.”

About WaveMaker Maximize

Maximize was developed by a project team of 75 strategists, planners, data architects, data scientists, software developers, testers, and designers based at Wavemaker’s campus in Warsaw, with user design support from WPP’s Mirum.

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