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The implementation of Artificial Intelligence is now almost everywhere, especially in the technological fields. Where ever not, the authorities are working day and night to implement. That because AI not only do complex jobs smoothly but also maintains accuracy. These are the reasons you can get the power of AI in most of the popular web tools, robots, and software.

Even Google is also giving attention to AI. As a result, its AI division develops a new tool that allows users to convert any webpage into an informative video. This tool is named as URL2Video. The search engine giant says the main motto of this AI-based tool is to help users who want to create marketing videos easily and that also in less time.

Google’s AI team wrote, “Creating marketing videos from scratch can be challenging, especially when designing for multiple platforms with different viewing criteria. We present URL2Video, an automatic approach that converts a web page into a short video given temporal and visual constraints.”

Google’s team interviewed multiple designers to subjugated the designing process and then compared URL2Video’s output with the original one.

The tool, URL2Video, picks the key details from the webpage, such as fonts, texts, colors, layouts, etc, and the design engine cooks those to render the video output. Users can also review that and even edit various factors to get a perfect video.


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