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French startup Octopush new expansion is part of the company’s plans to reach all of Europe with its SMS marketing platform, which has proven itself successful and reliable in the markets it has already reached.

The announcement was made in early October in a press release, and it comes in the context of a good year for SMS marketers. The lockdown orders around the world led to a spike in online purchases, which of course increased the demand for digital marketing tools.

In that space, SMS marketing is a very effective tool, bolstering some results that make it attractive over other options.

Octopush has reported that 98% of the SMS messages sent through their platform are opened by the customers, and 45% get a response. Other forms of popular direct-marketing, like email, have a much smaller chance of getting the attention of customers.

The open-rate of emails is only 30%, for example. Which is no surprise, given how crowded the average user’s inbox is.

With its UK expansion, Octopush is going to offer affordable and reliable SMS tools that can be used by small and medium-sized companies alike, as well as individual entrepreneurs operating in the digital space.

The ability to send out bulk texts to entire contact lists is one of the selling points of the platform, but Octopush has a lot more to offer. The services they provide include the following:

  • Business SMS tools, which allow you to customize the sender, get advanced statistics, and guarantees instant SMS delivery;
  • Voice SMS tools, which allow you to send audio messages in bulk;
  • SMS 2.0 platform, a service that lets you edit a mini mobile site to create unique landing pages and a new user experience;
  • Virtual number services, which help you keep your business and personal contacts separate, allowing you to rent numbers in over 40 countries.

You can find out more about Octopush’s SMS marketing platform by visiting their website.

In the press release, Octopush management expressed optimism regarding the company’s expansion into new markets. The company expects to see a growth of 100% before the end of 2021. As the CEO of Octopush stated:

“The messaging industry is seeing a huge boost in valuation following the Covid-19 crisis. As every business is going to digitize their processes at a quicker speed than expected, we are there to help them along the way, and much more.”

There are plans to add more features to the company’s SMS platform in order to turn it into a true multi-channel messaging solution for small and medium businesses across the world. Today they already offer WhatsApp integration and work on a variety of digital platforms.

Octopush is expanding into both the UK and Spain in 2020, which the company states is the first step in a plan to expand its services all over Europe. They plan to achieve the latter within a year.

It’s a bold plan, but it should be achievable for Octopush, given that the company’s services are all digital-oriented, and they already have experience working outside the borders of their nation.

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