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Sales enablement and content management software platform Mediafly has acquired communications provider Presentify.

Mediafly acquired Presentify to enhance its core enablement offering. Together, they aim to combine its sales enablement with AI-powered content analytics and storytelling to offer customers a multi-faceted sales content platform in the market.

Presentify is a global visual communications provider headquartered in Europe that has helped brands revolutionize content for more interactive and engaging sales experiences. Mediafly gives sellers and marketers an effective way to deliver sales content and presentations all from one application.

Carson Conant, Mediafly CEO and founder stated in its announcement: “As B2B buyers have grown more sophisticated, selling has become more challenging. These challenges are amplified in the COVID economy where sellers have to work smarter to capture remote buyers’ attention and keep it.

And while sales enablement technology has become the preferred vehicle to help sellers deliver their sales stories in a way that resonates with modern buyers, these solutions don’t reach their full potential without good content to back them up. To get even more out of your sales enablement application, you must transform the static, ordinary content housed within it to extraordinary, visually compelling sales stories.”

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